Somersworth Auto Repair

Somersworth Transmission Fluid Flush

Next to your engine, your transmission is the most important component in your vehicle.  Transmissions are cooled and lubricated by transmission fluid.  This pressurized fluid is directed through small passages to effect gear changes.  When transmission fluid gets old and contaminated, the small passages can become plugged, which adversely affects shifts.  The dirty fluid circulating in the transmission can eat away at gaskets and seals, causing internal leaks that also hurt shifting.  Therefore, some recommend that transmissions be serviced from time to time.  The interval varies by vehicle, so check your owner's manual with regards to your transmission service recommendations.  Old, contaminated fluid is removed, and new fluid is installed.  Keeping up with the manufacturer's recommended service schedule helps prevent internal damage that may result in a transmission rebuild or other catastrophic transmission damage.

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