Somersworth Auto Repair

Somersworth Fuel Filter Replacement

There are a surprising number of small, inexpensive parts that can lead to expensive engine damage when they fail.  Fortunately, a lot of those things can be taken care of in routine maintenance.  Some of us really don’t look forward to going in for an oil change and then getting a list of the other things the manufacturer recommends.  But automotive maintenance is all about prevention and addressing small problems before they get big.  You may not know this but the median age for private vehicles on our roads is over nine years.  When cars get older, five years or so, they’ve accumulated a lot of dirt and rust in their gas tanks.  If that dirt gets into the engine it can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.  The fuel filter is a very inexpensive part that doesn’t cost too much to replace.  A clogged fuel filter can’t let enough fuel through.  You might notice at first that your car is running fine around town but struggles or sputters on the highway or when you accelerate.  Enough fuel can’t get through to meet the demands of higher speeds.  If it gets bad enough your engine might just shut off or not start at all, which could be dangerous.  Some fuel filters have a bypass.  When they get clogged, they allow dirty fuel to move around the filter element, so dirt ends up in the engine.  The fuel filter is even very important for newer cars.  The fuel is still dirty even if there isn’t rust in the tank.  It’s just that the fuel filter will need to be changed more frequently as the vehicle gets older.  Check your owner’s manual for frequency of replacement.  Ask if it’s time for a full fuel system cleaning as well, we recommend performing both services at the same time.

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