Somersworth Coolant Flush

Coolant, or antifreeze, is specially formulated to keep your engine safe in a wide range of environmental and operating temperatures.  Without coolant, the metal engine parts would expand so much that the engine would seize up and stop running.  Expensive parts could be broken or warp so badly they would have to be replaced.  It could even be so bad that the whole engine is ruined and must be replaced.  The reason you need to change the coolant is that it has additives in it to protect the cooling system.  As you can imagine, with all the heat, the cooling system is a pretty harsh environment.  The additives keep the fluid from becoming corrosive and damaging the radiator and other cooling system components.  Over time, the additives are depleted, and the coolant just must be replaced.  You may have noticed that there are different colors of antifreeze, it is very important that you use the correct type.  The different coolant types are different colors, so you don’t mix them up.  Manufacturers use different materials to make the cooling system, and they require different types of antifreeze to protect them.

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