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Why Does My Car Smell Sweet Like Syrup?

We've had customers come in telling us that their car smells like maple syrup at our shop. If your vehicle has a sweet scent, you should probably have a professional check it out. It could be a sign of an antifreeze/coolant leak. This fluid is circulated throughout the cooling system and engine and is necessary to your vehicle's overall performance. 

When the heater core, radiator, or other cooling system component develops a leak, you and your passengers will be the first to pick up on the scent. 

What Are Some Signs of a Coolant Leak?

  • Your windshield has a sticky film after operating the defroster.
  • You find physical evidence such as puddles of a leak or rust on the radiator.
  • Your temperature gauge is unusually high or indicates overheating.
  • Your coolant warning light is on.
  • And, of course, the sweet-smelling scent of coolant.

Typically where you catch the smell will give you a better idea of where the leak is. When you notice the syrupy scent outside of your vehicle, it most likely means that the coolant is leaking in the engine compartment. On the other hand, a sweet smell on the inside of your car probably means it is in the cooling system. 

Have It Inspected!

If you experience the above warning symptoms, it is crucial to have it checked out by a trusted automotive professional. Coolant leaks can lead to engine overheating, resulting in costly repairs. Therefore, it is much better to catch things and patch them up before they get worse. 

We invite you to our auto repair shop today for a thorough inspection. Please give us a call or visit Central Park Garage soon.

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