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What Types of Engine Oil Are There?

If you've taken your car to an auto repair shop for an oil change, they might ask you, "what type of oil does your car take". There are three types of oil (conventional, synthetic, semi-synthetic), and you should respond with the one that is recommended by your manufacturer. Each type of oil has varying chemical properties and offer specific benefits tailored to your needs:

  • Conventional Motor Oil: Conventional motor oil is the type of engine oil that has been around for ages, and it is the most commonly used type of oil. They are more suitable for later-model, light-duty vehicles with low to average mileage. It is ideal for engines with a simplistic design. Conventional oil will do the job, and it usually requires the most frequent changes of the three kinds of oil.
  • Full Synthetic Motor Oil: Fully synthetic motor oil is a newer type of oil, and it provides a higher viscosity level, better resistance to oxidation and high temperatures, and reduces engine drag. If you have a newer vehicle with a high-performing engine, you should probably use synthetic oil for your oil service. Though it is more expensive than conventional oil, the benefits outweigh the cost as synthetic oil can last you up to 10,000 miles between changes.
  • Synthetic Blend or Semi-Synthetic Oil: Synthetic blends are precisely what the name entails – a combination of both synthetic motor oil and conventional engine oil. This type of oil offers similar benefits to synthetic oil but at a more affordable price. You can expect the oil change interval to be in between conventional oil and synthetic.

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