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What NOT To Do When Your Engine Overheats

An overheating can come at the most unexpected times, and it could wreak havoc if you panic. Steam, a spike on your temperature gauge, and a sweet and strange smell are all very alarming signs. As soon as you regard these signs of engine overheating, please get in touch with your trusted auto repair shop. To prevent injuries or further damage to your car, here are some things to NOT do when you notice the signs of overheating:



Your engine may not be keeping its cool, but you can! It would be best if you avoided swerving through traffic or slamming on your brakes when pulling over to the side of the road.



If your engine is overheating but still pushing its limits, you're not doing it any favors by lingering on the road. In some circumstances, you may be able to get to your desired locale before it gives out entirely, but you don't want to try. Doing so can significantly worsen the damage and run up your auto repair bill.



Once you've reached and parked in a safe location, wait for the engine to cool down before darting to the hood to check things out. Opening the hood in a rush can put you at risk of burns or injuries from blowing steam or smoke. Have some patience and wait until the engine temperature gauge falls a little before opening the hood.



An overheating engine won't fix itself entirely on its own, even if it seems like it after adding coolant or pumping the heater. Your engine damages will only worsen if you neglect it. Our expert team at Central Park Garage can help you get to the root of the issue and save your engine. 


The best approach to prevent an overheating engine is to have routine coolant flushes and be on top of maintenance as recommended by your manufacturer. Regular inspections can also help you catch any issues early on before they lead to complete breakdowns. Do not stress and head on over to Central Park Garage for the top-of-the-line repair and maintenance services.

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