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Top 4 Signs of a Damaged Power Steering Pump

Certain car parts are highly essential for your safety, and one of them is your power steering pump. The steering system has many components that all play a vital role in ensuring that your car runs smooth and you're able to control it. Specifically, the power steering pump provides you with smooth and seamless turns on your daily commute. There are specific symptoms that your car may display as a result of a failing power steering pump:

Sign #1: Unusual Noises When Turning the Wheel

You may hear a weird, loud whining noise when you're making a turn or move the steering wheel. Any odd noises are a telltale sign that something is wrong. 

Sign #2: Stiff Steering Wheel

If you feel like you have to grasp onto your wheel for dear life when making turns, it definitely means your power steering pump is on the brink of failure. 

Sign #3: Squealing Noise Upon Starting Your Vehicle

When you have a bad power steering pump, you may hear a high pitch squeal immediately after starting your car. This usually lasts for about a minute or even longer.

Sign #4: Puddle/Leaks Underneath Your Car

A common problem with power steering pumps is leaks. Power steering fluid is usually reddish-brown, so if your puddles are that color, you know what it means; it's time to take your car to the auto repair shop, stat!

If your vehicle starts displaying any of these symptoms, please get it checked out ASAP. Your safety is compromised if your power steering pump is weak. If you require power steering pump repair, we welcome you to Central Park Garage! Give us a call at (603) 617-2318 if you have any questions or concerns.

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