Is Your Vehicle Having Trouble Starting?

There is nothing worse than failing to start your car when you are in a hurry for an appointment or an urgent errand. Fortunately, the problem begins to show up long before the vehicle fails to start, giving you time to have it repaired. Here are five common issues that may prevent the engine from starting.

  • Faulty ignition switch: This is the least common reason for your car failing to start. The ignition switch, like any other part, wears over time and may need re-keying. For keyless vehicles, the knob may be broken and not completing the circuit.
  • Failed starter: A motor connects the ignition switch to the battery. If this motor is faulty, it produces a loud click or clicks when you turn the key, but the flywheel does not get started. Depending on the model of your car, the car may start after a few tries.
  • An issue with the fuel system: If the fuel system is faulty, you may experience various issues besides the inability to start the vehicle. These problems include power loss and rough idle. Fuel system issues include a clogged fuel filter, dirty fuel injectors, and failed fuel pump.
  • Faulty alternator: An alternator is a device that creates a spark in the engine to start combustion and charges the battery when you are driving. If it fails, the battery gets drained over time as it powers everything in your vehicle without a recharge.
  • A dead battery: This is usually the most common reason why a car may fail to start. The battery provides the electricity the car requires to start. If you leave everything (lights, infotainment, and sound systems) on when the vehicle is not running, the battery will die.
  • Besides, if the cells are dead, the battery will also die. However, the problem may just be caused by the evaporation of the water component in the cells, leading to poor conductivity.
  • Running out of fuel: If the tank is empty, the engine will suck in air and the little fuel left. This may prevent the car from starting again.

If you have trouble starting your vehicle, bring it to our auto repair shop for a professional inspection!

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