Is Your Battery in Good Enough Condition for the Fall & Winter?

It is very important to recognize that your vehicle battery does not last forever. On average, a car battery will usually last you between 4-6 years, depending on your driving habits and the climate you live in. Getting stranded without a working vehicle on a chilly or cold day can be aggravating and potentially more dangerous. Having your car battery inspected before the winter months can ensure that your vehicle is in shape for the New Hampshire weather. 


You may or may not know this but the summer heat has probably affected your battery more than you think. The hot temperatures can take a toll on a vehicle battery because the intense heat can cause internal corrosion and lead to the acid in the battery to evaporate. As a result, this can affect your battery's charging capabilities. If this is the scenario, you may find yourself with an almost drained battery once fall or winter rolls around. 


Fortunately, a battery test is quick and easy to do. At Central Park Garage, we use a high-tech machine that fastens to your vehicle's battery and checks the charge. The tech will inform our team how much charge your battery has left and if its time to replace it. 


Another indication of a bad battery is if you notice a build-up of substances around the positive and negative terminal on the battery. Though you can simply wipe it off in some cases, the damage may already be done at that point. 


If you need to have your battery tested before the cold months kick in Somersworth, NH. Please do not hesitate to give us a call today!

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