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Family Road Trip Games to Play

Most of us are hitting the road for our Fourth of July vacation soon, and we should be prepared with things to do amid the heavy traffic. However, we encourage you to make it as fun as possible, especially if you are traveling with kids! So switch it up this time around with you and your family by playing some fun games on the road. Here are some ideas to keep your children entertained and from constantly asking, "Are we there yet?"


Name That Tune

This game is perfect for music enthusiasts. Name That Tune is precisely what it sounds like. The grown-ups can be in charge of playing the music through a chosen playlist. Then, every time a different song comes on, be the first to yell out the song's artist and the song's title. Whoever can name the most tunes by the end of the trip wins the game! We highly recommend streaming through a streaming service such as Pandora, Spotify, Prime Music, or Apple Music.


20 Questions

Each round, a mysterious thing is selected for the rest of the family to guess. There are only 20 questions that the entire family can ask, so choose wisely. If no one correctly thinks of the object by the end of the 20 questions, then the person who decided the mysterious thing wins. Of course, you can modify the game accordingly to make it as long-going as you want.


I Spy

I Spy is a cult classic. To play this game, you can declare one of the kids to be "it," and they get to pick a specific thing in the car to center the game around. Then, the other kids will take turns guessing clues until somebody accurately thinks of the object selected by "it."


The License Plate Game

The objective of the License Plate Game is to find as many license plates from as many different states as possible. Whoever catches the first out-of-state plate gets to cross it off and claim that as one of their states. This game usually requires paper maps and pens or pencils to keep score, but using a smartphone works too if you don't have it. Whoever claims the most states win at the end of the trip.


The Quiet Game

This one is for the parents whose kids have too much energy. Try to lower the volume of the car by suggesting playing the quiet game. The name of the game says it all, as the person who remains without breaking the silence last wins. You're guaranteed to have silence and relaxation throughout the duration of the trip. 


Happy Fourth of July from our team at Central Park Garage! We hope you try some of these games out while venturing out on the road this upcoming Fourth of July weekend. If you are planning a family getaway, we highly recommend you bring your vehicle to our shop in Somersworth, NH, for a pre-trip inspection to ensure you get to your destination safely.

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