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Driving in Bad Weather

Weather can change for the worse at any moment. Knowing how to properly handle your car can prevent serious damage to your vehicle and can even save your life.

A severe rain storm or snow storm sometimes form quickly. They can cause slippery or whiteout conditions that will make your trip dangerous. When you are caught driving in a bad weather pattern, you will need to consider several things. Do you feel comfortable traveling at your current rate of speed? Is the road congested with other traffic? Driving slowly is always sound advice to follow, however depending upon the circumstances, it may not be an adequate amount of precautionary measures.

If you feel that you can continue driving, then you should slow down so that you can have a large distance between your car and those that are in front of you. If you are uncomfortable driving, you should pull over immediately onto the shoulder and turn your hazard lights on. You should remain in the car until you feel at ease with continuing to drive. If you do choose to pull off the road, make sure that you pull your car as far over as you can, as it will reduce the chances of another vehicle crashing into you.

The best way to avoid an accident during bad weather conditions is to wait until it has passed. This will prevent damage to your vehicle as well as any potential bodily injury.

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