5 Signs Your Wheels Need Alignment

Wheel alignment is a service performed on all vehicles, no matter their make or model. But Why? It's because the wheels are the only component of your vehicle that makes contact with the road. This makes them vital for your safety and ability to drive properly. This procedure is also done often to prevent unwanted problems. Therefore, if you spot any of the things listed below, make sure to visit a service shop.

Noise While Braking

If your wheels aren't aligned, that also means the brakes have issues. This can result in a weird noise due to the inconsistent contact they make. Faster brake pad wear can also be experienced.

Drifting To The Side

Pulling or drifting to one side is another common indicator of improper wheel alignment. It's one of the more obvious ones, so make sure to visit a repair shop before it gets more serious. The last thing you want is a swerving or hard-to-predict car.

Hard To Steer

Experiencing any difficulties steering? This can be caused by excessive friction between the wheels and the road. Proper contact between the wheels and the road cant be made because of the bad alignment. As a result, steering becomes stiff and hard. Some think it's a malfunction in the steering system, but in reality, the wheels are the problem.

Flush Tread Wear Indicator

Most tires have a tread wear indicator used to determine the condition of the tire. If you change tires often or the indicator is on, bad alignment is the real problem.

Shaking Steering Wheel

Experiencing a shaky steering wheel or even vibrations? This can be caused by the wheels being unaligned and pulling in different directions or rolling strangely. Make sure to visit an auto service and have it sorted out.

Tire And Wheel Services At Central Park Garage!

At our shop in Somersworth, NH, tire and alignment procedures are just some of the services we offer. Our team will be happy to help out with anything car problem related, so make sure to stop by!

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